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Seed potato technology, certification and supply systems (English), Wageningen; yearly

In countries worldwide, a reliable supply of quality seed is crucial to the development of the potato sector. This course aims to provide course participants with insights, knowledge and skills for applying modern technology in seed supply systems in different agro-ecological regions of the world. The course covers both formal and informal seed systems as well as relevant quality control systems and seed policies. Relevant examples from the Dutch seed potato industry will be demonstrated and discussed.


Plant variety protection, Plant Breeders' Rights, (English), Wageningen; yearly

The course focuses on the practical implementation of the legal framework for the protection of plant varieties (plant breeders? rights) in an intellectual property rights system. It aims at facilitating the introduction and practical implementation of plant breeders? rights in countries where legislation on this matter is being developed or has recently been passed. The objective of the course to have participants trained for their abilities to function in a variety registration system.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and food safety (English), Wageningen; yearly

In recent decades, consumers have become increasingly concerned about the safety and quality of their food. These concerns, combined with increased environmental awareness, have led to a need for sustainable agricultural production systems. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) have become essential components of sustainable agriculture.

Wageningen International
Wageningen International (WI) focuses on building the capacities of organisations and professionals in agriculture, the food sector and natural resources management. This website provides all information about agricultural courses in the english language, organised in the Netherlands.

NAK AGRO offers training courses in the field of sampling and analysis of agricultural seeds and potatoes.

Wageningen Business School offers postacademic education on Food and Agribusiness subjects. Wageningen Business School is part of Wageningen University and Research Center.

Becoming proficient in the world of plant, animal and technology. Experiencing practice, as it truly is. More than two hundred enthusiastic trainers make the most of each other's personal development plan. Respectful, professional and result-oriented. Each year, we welcome more than thirty thousand course participants and students from various countries.

CAH Dronten, a member of the Association of Professional Universities in Agriculture in The Netherlands, offers several degree programmes for Students in agricultural sciences and related subject from partner universities abroad.

Wageningen Agricultural University
Wageningen University was founded in 1918. In recent decades it has evolved into one of the world's leading education and research centres in the plant, animal, environmental, agrotechnological, food and social sciences.

Stoas offers products and services with which professional educators and trainers can design, organise and manage learning processes.

Aeres group
Five institutions provide daytime education for young people until learning activities for professionals in the green sector and green education.