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Guides to potato production and crop technology for seed-, ware- and industrial potato production.

 Potato diseases, pests and defects A compendium of current insight and information about those pests, diseases, defects and damage that are relevant for cultivation and storage of potatoes.
 Professional potato growing: planting Planting
'Professional Potato Growing' discusses the management decisions, the necessary checks and actual operations involved during planting.
 The road to seed potato production The road to seed potato production
Information on the many aspects and requirements of seed potato production.

  Potato explorer
Production, Seed, Varieties, Diseases, Storage and Markets. Order on CD-rom.

 On the road to potato processing On the road to potato processing
Potatoes serving as raw material for the processing industry must meet a number of requirements.

 Professional potato growing: pre-sprouting Pre-sprouting
Pre-sprouting is one of the ways in which the potato  grower can favourable influence the growth of his crop.

 Inspection of Dutch seed potatoes Inspection of Dutch seed potatoes
The importance of approval.

 Potatoes and their cultivation Potatoes and their cultivation
General information on factors affecting the growth of the potato crop and on the quality and development of the tubers and descriptions of Dutch potato-growing methods.