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Varieties and quality

Varieties and quality

Harvest the difference.
Dutch seed potatoes are well renowned all over the world.

The main distinguishing features of the Dutch seed potato sector are its wide range of varieties and the excellent quality of the Dutch seed potatoes.

 Range of varieties 1. Range of varieties
Properties for profit.
 Market segments 3. Market segments
Wide range of varieties.
 Intensive inspections 5. Intensive inspections
Strict inspection standards.
 Haulm destruction 7. Haulm destruction
5.000.000 tubers per year.

 Cross-breeding 2. Cross-breeding
1.5 million seedlings a year.
 Seed potato inspection 4. NAK
Netherlands General Inspection Service for Agricultural Seeds and Seed Potatoes.
 Field inspections 6. Field inspections
Virus and bacterial diseases.
 Batch inspections 8. Batch inspections
Once a day.

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Harvest the difference
Harvest the difference