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European Common catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species

European Cultivated Potato Database
The European Cultivated Potato Database - a new resource for potato breeders, scientists and farmers.

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

Late blight
Several research groups at Applied Plant Research (PPO) and Plant Research International working on late blight epidemiology, population genetics, host-pathogen interactions and integrated disease control have combined their efforts initiating the Wageningen late blight management group at Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR).

Potato diseases
Information for growers and other production-oriented professionals about pests and diseases (Oregon State University)

Potato Pedigree Database
An online potato pedigree database.

Potato pests
Indentification & management of major pest & beneficial insects in potato

Wageningen UR digital library
The Wageningen University Research Digital Library provides access to the collections of Wageningen UR Library, both electronic and in print.

Descriptions and clear pictures.